HR 1242 Resilience Plaque at stops during Goree Challenge

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2019  --  During the Goree Challenge, Don Victor Mooney and Spirit of Malabo was welcomed in numerous marinas, waterfront homes, and docks in the Intercoastal Waterway, Virginia Inside Passage and along the Northeast coastline up to New York's Brooklyn Bridge.  These locations will also be invited to mark the 400th Anniversary of the first arrival of twelve and odd enslaved Africans in the English colonies at Point Comfort, Virginia in 1619 with a HR 1242 Resilience Plaque. 

The H.R. 1242 Resilience Plaque will symbolize America's spirit of humanity, hope and healing. If your government, state, tribal nation, city, town, village or organization would like to host a ceremony, please contact us.

After crossing the Atlantic Ocean, maneuvering through the Caribbean, Don Victor Mooney rested at Dismal Swamp Welcome Center in North Carolina. This waterway was built by slaves and some that escape sought refuge here as well. Mooney continued  to Nauticus in Norfolk, Virginia, before ending in New York. 

Dismal Swamp, NC/VA


Brooklyn Bridge, New York


Hope Island, GA


Norfolk, VA


Ocean City, Maryland


Miami, Florida


Lewes, Delaware


Charleston, SC


Atlantic City, NJ