"Hine ma tov"sung with passion on MLK Weekend

January 19, 2020 (Norfolk, Virginia) - Don Victor Mooney, President of HR 1242 Resilience Project had the opportunity to meet synagogue members and guests. Mooney reflected on the sea of love that was visible during the program and reception. He also shared the Harriet Tubman Waterway Act.

Hine ma tov,  the Hebrew text of Psalm 133:1 that conveys: behold how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity, was sung with passion and visible embraced during Ohef Sholom Temple MLK Celebration of Unity.


African-American & Jewish Solidarity reaffirmed in Norfolk, Virginia on MLK Weekend

 January 19, 2020 (Norfolk, Virginia) - After Ohef Sholom Temple program, HR 1242 Resilience Project President, Don Victor Mooney joined Cantor Jennifer Ruben, Temple members, & guests for a light reception. 

In a social setting, Mooney said,  "There was a sea of love and unity. This bond we share, must be transferred with passion for the next generation." 


Peace Tube lands at Ohef Sholom Temple

January 19, 2020 (Norfolk, Virginia)- HR 1242 Resilience Project President, Don Victor Mooney ends his visit in Norfolk at Ohef Sholom Temple. 

As chronicled in The Times of Israel - Peace Tube crosses the Atlantic Ocean by rowboat, Mooney's mission is to present a section of the tube as a reaffirmation of African-American & Jewish solidarity. 

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel and Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. sowed seeds of solidarity, which continues to resonate among people of humanity, said Mooney. 


All Aboard for Harriet! Saint John’s AME

January 19, 2020 (Norfolk, Virginia) In the ministerial chambers of St. John's AME Church, Rev. Vernon Ricks gave some personal time for Don Victor Mooney, with top church officials present. 

Afterwards, Mooney toured the historic collections at the church. Rev. Ricks pledged his support to see the proposed legislation called Harriet Tubman Waterway Act realized.


400 years remembered on MLK Weekend at St. John's AME Church in Norfolk, Virginia

January 19, 2020 (Norfolk, Virginia) - Don Victor Mooney, President of HR 1242 Resilience Project presented a small memento he carried across the Atlantic Ocean to St. John’s African Methodist Episcopal Church, Reverend Vernon L. Ricks, Sr., Pastor.

Mooney also used this opportunity share Harriet Tubman Waterway Act.  St. John's AME Church is a historic congregation in Norfolk, Virginia. Founded in 1840, it was the first African American Episcopal  Church in Virginia. 


New Hope Baptist Church welcomes HR 1242 Resilience Project on MLK Weekend

January 18, 2020 (Virginia  Beach, Virginia) - Don Victor Mooney was welcomed at New Hope Baptist  Church, where it's Pastor,  Dr. E. Ray Cox Sr.  gave some personal time for him this morning. 

Mooney fellowship with congregation as part of  MLK Weekend commemorations and to strengthen the proposed legislation  for Harriet Tubman Waterway Act. During the Sunday School session where Pastor Cox presided, Mooney read a passage in the bible..  After service, Pastor Cox Later, told Mooney to have a Godly day and to followup.


HR 1242 Resilience Project President celebrates Diocese of Richmond bicentennial year with return visit to Chincoteague

January  18, 2020 (Chincoteague, Virginia) - St. Andrew The Apostle Catholic  Church, welcomed Don Victor Mooney. In 2015, residents offered assistance when he docked his rowboat after crossing the Atlantic Ocean from Africa. After Mass, Father Mike Imperial gave a  blessing for Mooney's Mission. Mooney also had the opportunity to share Harriet Tubman Waterway Act. 

The Catholic Diocese of Richmond inaugurated its bicentennial year on January 18-19 with diocesan-wide Masses commemorating the arrival of Bishop Patrick Kelly, first bishop of Richmond, in Virginia. 


Rev. Edwards dreams comes to life on MLK Weekend

January  18, 2020 - One of Lewes, Delaware most outstanding community leaders,  Mrs. Miller and HR 1242 Resilience Project President, Don Victor Mooney,  reflect on the perseverance of Reverend George Edwards who championed the renaming effort for a street in honor of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. at Friendship Baptist Church. 

Friendship Baptist Church began in 1957, when a group of 13  employees of the Fish Products Co. felt the need to start a church under the leadership of the late Pedro Phillips. 


Women's Suffrage honored in Lewes, Delaware for MLK Parade

January  18, 2020 - Women's Groups in Lewes, Delaware stood in solidarity for  the proposed legislation to rename the Virginia Inside Passage to  Harriet Tubman Inside Waterway.  

The year 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment, guaranteeing and protecting women's constitutional right to vote.  The woman suffrage movement actually began in 1848, when a women’s rights convention was held in Seneca Falls, New York. 


Harriet Tubman soars in Lewes, Delaware

January  18, 2020  (Lewes, Delaware) - Mayor of Lewes reiterates his support for  the Harriet Tubman Waterway Act in solidarity with Martin Luther King  Day Parade Co-Coordinators at Lewes Middle School. Due to inclement  weather the parade was cancelled; however, this years theme was  "Celebrating 100 Years of Women's Suffrage: The Struggle Continues". 

Harriet Tubman believed in the equality of all people, black or white, male or  female, which made her sympathetic to the women’s rights movement.  Tubman’s role was not that of a leader but that of a strong supporter.  


City of Lewes honored on MLK Weekend

January  18, 2020 - HR 1242 Resilience Project honors the City of Lewes,  Delaware for the successful passage of legislation to rename a street  after Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Receiving the award was the Mayor of  Lewes, the Honorable Ted Becker. Lewes Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.  Parade Organizers stood in solidarity.

Lewes  Mayor and City Council approved an honorific renaming of West Fourth  Street to recognize the civil rights leader. Pending approval from the  state legislature, a second street sign with the name Dr. Martin Luther  King Jr. Way will be added above or below all street signs along West  Fourth Street from Savannah Road to New Road.


MLK Day of Service - Harriet Tubman Waterway Act

January  17, 2020 -  In commemoration of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Holiday, HR 1242 Resilience Project returns to the Delmarva Peninsula and Virginia Beach/ Norfolk, Virginia during MLK Weekend.

HR  1242 Resilience Project hopes to encourage the public to support the  Harriet Tubman Waterway Act. This legislation calls for the renaming of Virginia Inside Passage in honor of Harriet Tubman.