Pebble Beach at Brooklyn Bridge Park in New York

The Brooklyn Bridge Park authorities in a meeting on HR 1242 Resilience Project this April 18 with Don Victor Mooney, conveyed that they will assist with an event to join the national commemorations for the 400th year anniversary of the first enslaved Africans arriving in English colonies in 1619. 

Outside of Charleston, South Carolina, Brooklyn, New York was the second largest concentration of enslaved Africans and African Americans during the period of slavery. A claim that is widely accepted. At Brooklyn Bridge Park, the Africans and African Americans that worked on the Brooklyn waterfront, farmlands, estates, storage centers, and those who sought freedom aboard ships arriving in Brooklyn, along with the abolitionist and Native Americans that took bold steps to help the enslaved will be remembered. Notwithstanding, the enslaved Africans that produced many of the commodities that arrived in Brooklyn waterfront, will also be remembered. 

The resilience of African Americans and their contributions to the United States will be highlighted, respectfully. We plan to allow our community partners, city-wide agencies and supporters to table at the event in a area recommended by Brooklyn Bridge Park. 

400 year anniversary

Commemoration will include sunrise drumming ceremony, remarks from invited speakers, performances by traditional African dancers and gospel singers, and face-painting activities. The event will culminate with a candlelight ceremony at sunset. 

HR 1242 Resilience Project with consent of numerous marinas, waterfront homes, and docks in the Intercoastal Waterway, Virginia Inside Passage and along the Northeast coastline up to New York's Brooklyn Bridge that Don Victor Mooney rowed during the Goree Challenge., commemorative events will be hosted to mark 400 year anniversary.

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"5 million Africans arrived in Brazil, 1 million in Jamaica & Cuba, 400,000 in United States"

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"Memorials are a reminder of the past, we can't forget our past. When we do, we are bound to repeat the same problems."