H.R. 1242 Resilience Project

In commemoration of 400 Years of African-American History Commission Act 

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, June 27, 2019  -- Don Victor Mooney, President of H.R. 1242 Resilience Project, announced August 17, 2019 as the date confirmed by Brooklyn Bridge Park officials to commemorate the 400 year anniversary of the first enslaved Africans arriving in the English colonies in 1619, and highlight the resilience and contributions of African Americans to the United States.

Tentative Program for 400 Years at Brooklyn Bridge Park


Lt. Michael Healy Swim – Manhattan to Brooklyn

US President Abraham Lincoln commissioned Michael A. Healy as a Third Lieutenant in the Revenue Service of the United States. He signed the commission on March 4, 1865. Healy was 1st African-American commissioned in Revenue Service, which is today's Coast Guard.  

This isn’t a public event. Primarily for Maritime Law Enforcement personnel, certified open water Olympic/ Para Olympic swimmers.  


HR 1242 Resilience Awards at Pebble Beach

 The New York City and Long Island Congressional delegation will select one African American constituent to be honored on Pebble Beach at Brooklyn Bridge Park. HR 1242 Resilience Project will also select additional honorees. With the recent and bipartisan passage of A7667/ S3204 (400 years of African American History Commission) in both legislative chambers, all New York State Senators and New York Assembly members are invited to submit names of African American constituents, which will be recognized as well on August 17., 2019.


Interfaith Candle light (battery operated) Vigil

Guests will be encouraged to walk thru The Door of Return. Afterwards, a interfaith candle light vigil will take place in honor of the Africans and African Americans that worked on the Brooklyn & Queens waterfront, farmlands in the New York City five boroughs and on Long Island, estates, storage centers, and those who sought freedom aboard ships arriving in Brooklyn, along with the abolitionist and Native Americans that took bold steps to help the enslaved will be remembered. 

It's our goal that this event will remember our history, help us to never go back, share that America’s greatest strength is its diversity, and reconnect with Africa.

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